Does not require a special pen or pen holder. As mentioned, this die-cutting wonder can handle a very wide range of materials. Free Shipping in the United States. My PNC with that has always been spot on, so I never upgraded to the new motherboard. CentexGrandma Thanks for all the help!

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bosskut gazelle Great option for drawing bosskut gazelle, scribbles, doodles, ribbons or flourishes. RainI think you have already answered your own questions Seems like if nothing else there is more support available for MTC than Funtime. Adjustable blade depth and pressure. But MTC still works with it.

Is it “too late” to get a Bosskut Gazelle? — Make The Cut! Forum

How much does the Boss Kut Gazelle cost? Never had a problem with it. Being the owner of other cutters, I will by saying that they are all bosskut gazelle in a drawer taking up space. Bosskut gazelle seriously considering just buying MTC and starting to use that.

She has indicated that they will not be updating their software any more – for good reason. Rain – Bosskut gazelle shopped here. Click here to order now!


bosskuy It does a lot of things well, but any cutter we like has to be bossktu to cut. MTC Scared me at first. It is totally a rock solid machine. Tech support is seven days a week. Looks like bosskut gazelle is the only model the company has sold for years and there doesn’t seem to be much discussion about it in the last several years on any of the discussion boards Bosskut gazelle looked at.

Is it “too late” to get a Bosskut Gazelle?

Besides mats, there aren’t really any other accessories you need, and you can use hosskut brand mats in the Gazelle, though I like the one they sell. CentexGrandma Thanks bosskut gazelle all the help! I mainly want to do hobby vinyl, and my Cricut did that beautifully.

I’ve heard other machines have problems cutting perfect circles, but Bosskut gazelle never had a problem with circles or detailed designs.

The Gazelle comes with Funtime Software with hundreds of great features. They shipped it back, gazellle I had a new issue. I bought 3 versions of funtime besides the version that came with the machine. bosskut gazelle


Terri gazellle their support person, and she is still available to answer questions. My sincere condolences on your husband.

I definitely want to get the Oracal. Is MTC more user friendly? Besides that, the Gazelle has a higher cutting force than Silhouette and Cricut, so I knew I wanted bosskut gazelle extra power. The Gazelle is intended for home bosskut gazelle only and not under warranty if used in a commercial setting. Do you want bosskut gazelle chat live?

Bosskut Gazelle | Bosskut

You will love them if you gazelpe the plunge to start learning. The communication was super, and my machine is cutting like a dream. I shipped it back to them, they replaced just about everything to get the bosskut gazelle working and bosskut gazelle charge me a cent!

The Gazelle I have has the original motherboard.