Worked a couple of times then nothing. All a waste of time. He doesn’t have any training in tech support work When I did finally go to the store I waited about an hour for the one “tech” person to be free and then I sat with him for 3 hours while he confirmed that what I said was happening. Don’t even try to get help from Novatel tech support – they don’t even give you a live person, and they NEVER return calls!! Worked for 4 months and now will not stay connected. My puppy also like it and chewed it to bits. If you called, reported the problem, and still got no solution, bring your case to Customer Relations and get some kind of financial compensation.

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When my stick is in, it goes from green to purple from green, then goes red and kicks out. Had dial up before, in some cases was novatel wireless u998 fast as this thing.

I would like my money back. OK how about a dial wirreless service, OK yes we can get you that information but you’ll need to set up a contract with them. Well, here it is Marchand my internet still only works for 4 minutes. But now Novatel wireless u998 hear that the “turbo hub” that is out might solve my problems. The product might be fine but Bell service is not Reviewed on Sunday May 23, by Ericrural ontario. Use a bigger stick!!


I am 60 yr. It doesn’t work with my outlook express for alot of novatel wireless u998 addresses.

Novatel Wireless U Turbo Stick Specifications

Wirless will check out all other options from Telus and Rogers before I even consider Bell. I’m far from convinced it will make any difference. They suggested I could up grade at the Bell store I am suppose to connect this unit and I should have a internet connection I live out of town not a city dweller have never had novatel wireless u998 problem before.

They send me new stick with same problem, disconnection every min, reccommended to change Sim novatel wireless u998 when stick still does wlreless work they told me it is problem with my computer.

novatel wireless u998 Bell seems to be keeping this a secret, but they have found a known problem in the beginning of Aug which requires new updates on your computer and your stick plus possibly a new sim card. Reviewed on Saturday August 21, by steve jeoffroybarrie, ontario.

If a class action is necessary ,I say go for it, I will back it wierless and support the people involved. I have had it updayed but no better. That is to say, it connects and holds the connection. I novatel wireless u998 having my internet service suddenly quit. Still nothing, I’m done.

I have no Idea why the usage sky rocketed all of the sudden in November, novatel wireless u998 our time on the computer and lifestyle has not changed. I did that and not the thing won’t work at all “not modem found”. Don’t waste your money Reviewed on Friday March 5, by iwrelessNovatel wireless u998.

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It has now been 3.

Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick Specifications

Free internet would be cool though Or, frustratingly, Mobile Connect shows a connection but no page loads. Should have stayed novatel wireless u998 the older version as it worked fine. I said I just want it for a few days, sorry, but you have to purchase this service. My wife has her own PC so I installed on her machine all worked great but I was getting a little concerned about what the next bill would be.

Now told the stick is on backorder, but the Bell billing is not on backorder novatel wireless u998 go figure.

I sent a note to Bell but based on what Novatel wireless u998 have read here I am not planning on hearing from them in this life time. We waited and waited on the line and never did speak to anyone finally hanging up. So, if you can’t connect. I got charged immed.